Interview - Nest, tidying up has never been so fun !

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Ok, let’s do it in english this time ! A good occasion to pratice for our French readers… 😉

Paul Ketz is a German designer and his project, Nest, is definitly fun. That’s why Crea.Coffee asked him for an interview. If you like it there is also plenty on nice projects on his portfolio

Paul not only designed Nest. He got it produced and sell it online. A good example of designer-entrepreneur !


Could you present yourself ? What is your history ? Your design DNA ? Your best experiences…

I am Paul Ketz, german product designer, currently based in Istanbul. I believe in the value and power of play and that things do not have to be boring to be serious. Basically, I am a playing man – homo ludens, I give things a shape and nowadays I am more and more interacting with people because of lecturing, from elementary school to professionals and companies, what I really enjoy. It’s also always difficult with people – because of various reasons. But the best things happen outside the comfort zone and also come unexpected.


NEST-BLACK by Paul Ketz 02.jpg

How did you decide to launch this project ?

Several people arround me were dubious about the idea but people anyway just understand what they already know and I am not a service provider so I just wanted to realize it since i had the vision. I do what I want when I am convinced.


Were there other team members ?

When it came to the realization, Meriç Bakis was my partner about the technical construction. Also the first prototype was built by my friend Artin Aharon, who is a metal master in Istanbul. Also funny contrast, his ancient workshop and this object. There it began.


What were the first project’s steps ?

The idea was already five years old before I found a shape that felt appropriate. I considered the idea and put it to the drawer until i discovered it again and my gutt feeling told me that it’s time is now and in one moment I knew how it should feel, when I look at the final object.


Did you imagin different concepts ?

The concept was clear: I want to surprise with an object that appears on the spot on a familar piece of furniture. It’s in shelf position but obviously not a shelf yet it is made for storing items. At the same time it’s dexterity game like and a stake to the inserted objects. It’s a troyan horse for making people play accidentaly, while they are doing something daily. I am convinced that this “doing-it-different” causes lateral thinking and amuses the inner child.

04 nest3.jpg

And it didn’t stop here. Was it difficult to get the real product on the market ?

With NEST I am completely independent, we have a manufacturing partner and can produce on demand.

By the end, are you satisfied of your product ? Did the public liked it ?

I presented NEST the first time to an audience at Dutch Design Week and Milan Design Week where it was a real crowd magnet. I like to see people using and enjoying it. It’s playful without being a toy. NEST is a personal project, and I let my vison become true, what feels good.


Obviously, you will not stop here… How will you get us surprised next time ?

I like processes which end in “happy accidents”. So a planned process, but varying result. I like surprises and appreciate things I cannot control, so the designed objects can gain a living like identity…
More about that soon 🙂