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So I have a specific due date for this to be manifested but I don’t really remember. Anyway, so I was planning on holding off on writing until my desire has manifested but why not post it while I’m on my way to it? So my SP is a weird ass guy. He’s nice, he’s funny, he’s chivalrous, and all good things. As soon as I met him (the end of February), we instantly got this connection. So I of course did the Two Cup Method about two days later for him and I to be in a relationship. Some time after that, I asked the universe for a sign: if my SP and I were going to be in a relationship, I wanted to see turtles. Hours later, I scrolled past a Swan Princess picture on Hulu and I know Speed (a turtle) is on the poster but I don’t remember seeing him. The next day I think, I asked to see snails. After 1-3 days of looking for snails, my friend mentioned something turtle related.

Restricting yourself locally also has the added advantage of helping protect from internet frauds since identities and facts becomes easier to verify. Tip 2: Try one of the specialty Nettdating site- today there are several internet dating sites that focus on a particular section of the population. A good example is the Christian Nettdating site that focus on matching people belonging to the various Christian denominations. Tip 3: Explore the list of services available and the quality of the profiles before making a commitment - find out what features are available and whether they are of any use to you. For example, does the service allow you to post a detailed profile? How easy is the profile creation and editing process? How efficient are the search functions? Does the service allow members to communicate freely with each other through email, chat or message boards? Finally, ask for a free trial of the services. Most good quality Nettdating site allow new users a free trial period which allows them to assess the services offered.

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